To the Cloud! A New Age in Healthcare IT ebook

Cloud Computing: A New Age in Healthcare IT

From both a clinical and business perspective, cloud computing is making a big impact on the healthcare industry.  With the growing importance of telemedicine, outcome-based care, and increased collaboration between patients, providers and payers – the ability to easily and securely share and access data has never been more critical. Continue reading…

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Why You Need a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Strategy

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, data security is a top priority. But with disasters threatening to strike at any moment and in many different ways, it is critical that healthcare organizations are adequately prepared to handle unexpected downtime and data loss. Continue reading…

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QTS to Acquire Carpathia

Bigger. Better. Stronger. Reflections from the Chief Executive Officer on Carpathia’s acquisition by QTS

By Peter Weber, Chief Executive Officer at Carpathia

I am delighted to share the news that Carpathia has agreed to be acquired by QTS Realty Trust (QTS) a leading national provider of data center solutions and managed services, and a leader in security, and compliance, setting the stage for us to compete as an IT infrastructure services powerhouse!  Continue reading…


Healthcare Cloud and Security

Quick Guide: Can Cloud and Healthcare Mix?

Many healthcare companies have made the leap to cloud. However, concerns over security, availability, uptime, and the geographic location of a cloud provider continue to hold organizations back. According to a 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, there are quite a few obstacles to overcome before cloud computing becomes ubiquitous across the healthcare industry. Continue reading…

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Challenges in Managing a Hybrid Cloud

Challenges in Managing a Hybrid Cloud

As more and more data moves to the cloud, businesses are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud solutions that integrate on-premise or private cloud resources with public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS). This solution allows for a dynamic new IT environment, capable of handling unpredictable fluctuations in traffic and opening up new possibilities for sharing information. Continue reading…

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Checklist: Is Your Healthcare Cloud HIPAA-Compliant?

Maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations is nothing new for healthcare providers, however, maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations while transitioning to the cloud…now that’s fairly new territory.

Mixing cloud and compliance doesn’t have to be as complex as it may seem.  By working with an experienced cloud service provider (CSP) and following a few simple steps before executing a cloud strategy, healthcare providers can eliminate their compliance challenges and start enjoying the benefits of the cloud – improved access to healthcare information, enhanced patient outcomes, and cost savings – right away. Continue reading…

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Now Accepting Entries to Carpathia’s Healthcare Community Cloud Service Beta Program

Carpathia recently announced a cloud solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Healthcare Community Cloud Service™ (HCCS™) is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution built for compliance and scalability. The beta program is now available to join. Continue reading…

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Simplifying Hybrid Cloud Management: A Look at Gilt

While the desire to deploy hybrid cloud is accelerating, the sheer complexity of managing workloads that move between 3rd party clouds, private clouds and hosted infrastructure can be a major barrier to adoption. Gilt, a leading online retailer and flash auction website, is a perfect example of a company that wanted to optimize their hybrid infrastructure by better managing an environment that consisted of both AWS compute and a dedicated infrastructure delivered by Carpathia. Continue reading…

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