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Top 4 Considerations for Transitioning to the Cloud

Developments in telemedicine and outcome-based care are encouraging healthcare providers to adopt cloud-based platforms. However, it can be difficult for organizations to know exactly when they are ready for the transition, and whether or not they need to leverage the expertise of a cloud service provider to do so. Continue reading…

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Success & Failure Crossroad

Cloud Because “You Must” or Because “You Should”?

On the journey to cloud adoption, there is a distinct fork in the road. To the right, you have agencies that are fully embracing this flexible, agile technology – they see clear skies and positive results. However, to the left lies a gloomier outlook – the path that risk-averse agencies are taking – facing speed bumps and potholes due to fears that the cloud will introduce new risk and added layers of complexity. Continue reading…

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To the Cloud! A New Age in Healthcare IT ebook

Cloud Computing: A New Age in Healthcare IT

From both a clinical and business perspective, cloud computing is making a big impact on the healthcare industry.  With the growing importance of telemedicine, outcome-based care, and increased collaboration between patients, providers and payers – the ability to easily and securely share and access data has never been more critical. Continue reading…

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Why You Need a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Strategy

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, data security is a top priority. But with disasters threatening to strike at any moment and in many different ways, it is critical that healthcare organizations are adequately prepared to handle unexpected downtime and data loss. Continue reading…

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